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Defiant Light Bars

Upgrade your truck with a Defiant Light Bar!

No welding! Frame mounted Light Bars!

We personally design and construct each and every Defiant Truck Product which you see on this website. The products offered here are designed and built with the installer in mind. Quality materials and a strong, sturdy base of which to place your off road or on road lights.

Easy to install. No cutting or welding. Frame mounted brackets using your trucks factory frame holes and contact points.


Black Powder Coating


Defiant Light Bar materials.

  1. Your Light Bar’s main tube is assembled with .120 wall, 2 inch diameter tube.
  2. All additional tubing components are .095 wall, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 1-3/4 inch diameter tubes.
  3. Light Tabs are stamped from 11 gauge steel flat stock with Defiant’s own punch & die.
  4. Your Light Bar’s mounting brackets are 5/16 (.3125) laser cut steel.
  5. Your Light Bar’s fasteners are all zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Defiant Light Bar assembly.

  1. Your Light Bar’s tubing is pre-rolled in a ring rolling machine. This procedure will place a curve or arc in the tubing which matches the curve or arc of your truck’s front bumper.
  2. The tubing may also have secondary bends added using a rotary draw bender. This procedure will place additional bends at points on your Light Bar which match the bends on the corners of your truck’s front bumper.
  3. Your Light Bar’s light mounting tabs are positioned then welded into place based on the brand name, style, size and part number of your aftermarket lights.

Defiant Light Bar powder coating.

  1. Your Light Bar is pre cleaned here at the shop prior to being sent to powder coat.
  2. Your Light Bar is then media blasted, washed, primer coated, final color is applied then the entire unit is baked in an oven to cure the powder.
  3. Your Light Bar then returns to the shop for final inspection. Upon final inspection, the End Caps which you have chose, will be installed in the tube ends then the Light Bar is wrapped entirely in foam padding for protection prior to shipping, delivery or pick up.